Passion and professionalism

Who are we? An outstandingly co-ordinated team.

What are we? Creative, uncomplicated, professional and unconventional.

How are we? However serious the subject matter, we do it with fun.

We combine interests

brainbows refers to “brain folds” or “brain benders”, where a lot of thinking is involved. But, of course, we also had the rainbow in mind – as a symbol for the mind-boggling diversity and unceasing energy of the world we live in. Whether rainbows or brain folds, to us it stands for bridges that overcome barriers, cross boundaries and unite attitudes, areas of knowledge and interests.

brainbows provides mental food for those enterprises who honestly and effectively want to provide their market with valuable knowledge; enterprises who want to position themselves as respectable, intelligent, different and above all reliable amidst the destructive competition of increasingly similar products and services.

“brainbows - the information company” was founded by Monika Langthaler and Christian Nohel in July 2000. It sees itself as a consultant for strategic-political communication, knowledge management and as a content provider, particularly in the areas of sustainability, environment, energy, consumer protection and foodstuffs.